The Walking Dead Survivors Cheat Codes

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If you’re looking for the latest The Walking Dead Survivors Cheat Codes, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll take a look at all the latest TWD Survivors active codes, so redeem them as soon as possible. Codes like these typically expire after a short time, so don’t wait too long to use yours.


The Walking Dead Survivors Promo Codes


The Walking Dead Survivors Cheat Codes 2022

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy-based building game set in The Walking Dead universe. Players must construct walls and upgrade their buildings to survive the zombie hordes. They can team up with their favorite TV characters (including Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Michonne) as they expand their territory.

The following is a complete list of TWD Survivors Redeem codes and instructions on how to redeem them.

TWD Survivors codes are valid for a limited time; act now to enter them into the game. We regularly update this page with new codes, so be sure to visit this page frequently.

The Walking Dead Survivors Promo Codes 2022

Below we provide a list of all active TWD Survivors promos for the current month. These promotions often expire, so make sure to redeem them before they do.

The Walking Dead Survivors Codes 2022

  • twd9dRl5
  • twd5mAu
  • twd6yIh
  • twd7yYh
  • twd3xSg
  • twd2oKw
  • twd3xRg
  • twd1cUk
  • DadsRock
  • twd5jF
  • twd4dR
  • twd0mA
  • twd1yI
  • TWDS2022
  • AnimalSystem
  • TWDstreaming
  • 12Mdownloads
  • Happyholiday
  • TWDSSeason2
  • TWDLivesOn
  • ThankYouTWD2022
  • ilovetwds 
  • TWDHallowalkers2022 
  • TWDCulture
  • TWDSurvivors

TWD Survivors Gift Codes 

  • twd9tK
  • twd1yI
  • HolidayGiftTWD2021
  • twd8xS
  • twd7lX
  • twd6lV
  • twd8xR
  • twd4tH
  • twd9eT
  • twd2oY
  • twd5rG 
  • twd8cW
  • twd3bX
  • twd8lL
  • twd4mU
  • twd1cP
  • twd2oC
  • twd3fW
  • twd4uR
  • twd1uG 
  • twd3kA
  • twd5pF
  • twd0zT
  • twd6yN
  • twd4dP
  • twd6dR
  • twd0pW 
  • twd2gE 
  • twd9nb
  • twd6zn
  • twd6by
  • twd2pa 
  • twd8sa 
  • 6F05V7RUAA
  • 9CA7DICGS4
  • FXUBR73Y6A
  • KX615SKYHN
  • twd3bl
  • twd3wg
  • TWDS400
  • TWDXPO64

To avoid any errors, please enter the TWD Survivors redemption code exactly as it is listed in the redemption code table (including any special characters or letter case).

How to Redeem The Walking Dead Survivors Gift Codes?

  • Tap your profile icon on the top left corner of the screen to access your profile.
  • Click on the Settings Option.
  • Select the Redeem option (the gift box)
  • To redeem your coupon, type in your gift code and select Confirm.
  • You should see the reward in your account right away.

The Walking Dead Survivors Cheat Codes


The Walking Dead Survivors (TWD) Gameplay

The Walking Dead Survivors, a strategy game by Galaxy Play Technology Limited, is set in the harsh reality of the post-apocalyptic world. You must work together with familiar characters from the AMC television series “The Walking Dead”—such as Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and others—to survive and find other survivors using a radio. With these resources, you must build a reliable shelter and defend your territory against zombies and opposing survivors.

In order to survive in the game, players must form teams with other players and be prepared to defend themselves against enemies. Players are subject to constant danger, so they must build a shelter, search for food, and explore areas of the map while avoiding hazards. Many situations will require you to make difficult choices between self-preservation and helping other players.


We have updated all the Walking Dead Survivors Cheat Codes 2022 and if you have any queries regarding these codes, you may inbox us or comment to us in Comments Section. We will quickly respond to your queries.

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How to get more The Walking Dead Survivors gift codes?

The developers of the game released The Walking Dead Survivors codes for the game via social media. Players can join the games Discord community or follow their Twitter and Facebook pages to receive updates on all the latest news regarding the game. Alternatively, you can check back to this page regularly as we will be updating our lists with new The Walking Dead Survivors gift codes as soon as they are released!

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