Taffy Tales Cheat Codes

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If you are a player of Taffy Tales and are looking for active and working Taffy Tales Cheat Codes 2022 with a website that keeps you updated on the status of the game, please keep this page saved or bookmarked and stay updated with new Taffy Tales Codes.


Taffy Tales Cheat Codes 2022


Taffy Tales Cheat Codes 2022

The best part about using Taffy Tales Cheat Code is that it can be applied at the time you are launching this game, meaning starting a new journey with a boom.

There are the following cheat codes available in the Taffy Tales game, one to max out your stats and another to unlock all items and levels. You should know that Taffy Tales codes are very limited at the moment, even though there are many guides on the Internet. Here are two of them that will help you improve your gaming experience impressively.

Taffy Tales Cheat Code for Max Stats and Money

The Cheat Code to Max Stats and Money is only available when you start a new game. In order to use it, launch the game, select New Game and enter the Cheat Code in the window where you can change the MC’s game file name (before starting the game).

  • Ozllpw
  • qcjvhfli

Taffy Tales Cheat Code Save Unlock

When you use the Taffy Tales Save unlock Cheat Code and enter it correctly, you will start right at the new update. To use it, launch the game, select Load Game, and click on the padlock (Press to Unlock). After that type in a name for MC, Mar, or Tiffany.

  • gnkdoxbe
  • adbcbe
  • Qmsaeg

The shared Taffy Tales codes are tested and reviewed before being published on the website. It is possible that if the code does not work, it means the code has been discontinued by the developer.

Taffy Tales Codes for Money

Making money is not hard if you do not use the cheat code. To do this, the player must progress through the story until they unlock the special container that allows them to make money in men’s toilets by playing a mini-game. The mini-game is very easy, just hit the green and yellow bars.

On day 9, you will unlock a special container. On day 10, you can start making money with the special container. If you do not want to miss anything in this game, use our step-by-step walkthrough (found at the beginning of this guide).


Taffy Tales cheat code


How to redeem Taffy Tales Cheat Codes?

To apply the Taffy Tales cheat code, simply follow these steps: At the game’s first launch, select Load Game then click on Press to Unlock and enter the cheat code.

How to get Taffy Tales new Codes?

The Game Developers offer Taffy Tales codes from its social media accounts, including Taffy Tales Reddit, Taffy Tales Facebook, Taffy Tales Twitter, Taffy Tales Instagram, and Taffy Tales Discord. Codes are usually released on occasions such as game anniversaries and rebirths or when followers reach a particular milestone. To get your free prizes with new Taffy Tales cheat codes, visit Emiratesapk.com daily for new gift codes.

How to find the items or locations that you require in the game?

Players must obtain several objects and locations to proceed, including the Ruler, Tiffany Ball, School Closet, rope, and camera. However, they do not have access to cheats. To unlock most essential goods, you must first complete particular sequences or travel to specific locations.

Use the CTRL + F function to locate the item you are looking for in this text. If you cannot find it while playing, you may be missing a step. If you cannot find the previous step, we recommend starting a new game from the beginning and following all instructions.


Taffy Tales is a combination of classic interactive fiction gameplay, graphic adventures, and dating simulators. However, you can use Taffy Tales Cheat Code to access all in-game items and features easily. Hope we helped you out with everything like taffy tales money cheats or maximizing stats. Keep an eye on this page. We will be updating it with new Taffy Tales Cheats very soon.

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How to unlock the “Special Container”?

Special Container is a bucket full of money that can be unlocked in the “men’s toilet.”

Is it legal to use Taffy Tales Cheats in the game?

Cheating in any game is considered illegal. You are violating the terms and conditions you agreed to before starting the game.

How to get Taffy Tales money cheats?

Yes, we must cheat to maximize our money and stats. The code is qcjvhfli or arnmcq (for two different versions), as you already know how to apply this code.

How to boost strength in the Taffy Tales game?

To increase strength in Taffy Tales, you must visit the gym, which can be done after the 30th day of the game walkthrough.

How to get the ruler in Taffy Tales?

In Day 23 Walkthrough, you can pick the ruler up when you exit the school with Clara in the hallway.

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