Subway Surfers Cheat Codes

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Many of our readers want free Subway Surfers Cheat Codes from us. They can be used to unlock rewards in the game such as characters, outfits, and other unique items.


Subway Surfers cheat codes


Subway Surfers Cheat Codes 2022

Subway Surfers also has a redeem codes option, which can be used to acquire keys, characters, and character skins for free. That’s great for players who want to save some cash or some time on their run.

All of the Subway Surfers codes are valid and recent, and they can be used by anyone. Players of “Subway Surfers” deserve these codes because they spend so much time playing the game for a meager reward. We provide these codes as a result of this behavior.

The following Subway Surfers code is exclusively for registered users of Subway Surfers. Each coupon has an expiration date, and the promo is no longer valid once that date has passed. Attempt each code, since some may have been redeemed repeatedly before expiring.

Subway Surfers Promo Codes 2022

Here is a complete list of Promo Codes of Subway Surfers gameplay. You can gain unlimited features with these Subway Surfers codes.

  • thebest9
  • 9yearsrunning
  • 2infinity – (3000 Coins, x1 Score Booster, x1 Mega Headstart, x3 Keys)
  • rabbotday2022
  • luckyday2022 – (8000 Coins)
  • HalloBerlin
  • ScareFriday3
  • SYBOTVFriday42 – (1000 Coins, 4 Keys)
  • RunnerUp888 – (8000 Coins, 8 Keys)
  • hellochangan – 5,000 Coins, 5 Keys
  • 9yearsrunning – 9,000 Coins, 9 Keys, 1 Mystery Box
  • 2infinity – 3,000 Coins, 3 Keys, 1 Score Booster, 1 Mega Head-start
  • houstonkeys – 6 Keys
  • springtime – 5,000 Coins, 5 Keys
  • Hoppyfriday

5 Keys, 1000 Coins

  • Eggstremecoins

5,000 Coins

  • fridaycheers

1,000 Coins, 5 Keys

  • instalove200k

5,000 Coins, 4 Keys

  • sybotv5milion

Mystery Box

  • funfriday2

3,000 Coins, 3 Keys

  • happyfriday3

3,000 Coins, 3 Keys

  • RunnerUp888

8k coins, 8 keys

  • giftDiscord2128

8k coins, 8 keys

  • 8AM54GCEO

9k coins, 9 keys


×1 Free Head-start, 3 keys

  • 8SP2UN33X

5k coins, 5 keys

  • N6WDJ6K5J

3k coins, 3 keys, x1 Mystery Box

  • 252DW4OFO

x1 Mystery Box, 9 keys

  • ZX8I68IRF

9k coins, 9 keys

  • 7Y2T5V5HV

3k coins, 3 keys

  • ABO01P7OZ

2k coins, 2 keys


3k coins, 3 keys


9k coins, 9 keys


6 keys, 5100 Coins

  • 8AVIPV3X

3k coins, 1 Booster, 1 Head-start

  • 3YHEP6XT

3k coins, 3 keys


5k coins, 4 keys


7000 coins, 7 keys


Mimi, 5k coins

  • VI6JEL5K

12000 coins, 7 keys

Subway Surfers Codes Not Expired 2022

  • 200designs: use this promo code to get 2k coins, also 2 keys.
  • 9yearsrunning: use this promo code to get 9k coins, also 9 keys.

Subway Surfers Cheats 2022

These Subway Surfers Promo Codes are also used for getting Free Rewards like Unlimited Coins in the Game.

  • ZBN2UUF2
  • 28VKRX7M
  • 7JMVQ3AO
  • HSX5ZEX6
  • ScareFriday3

By these Subway Surfers Redeem Codes, you can improve your gameplay to other players.

How to use these Subway Surfers Codes in your Gameplay:

To redeem Subway Surfers Codes in the game, follow the given steps:

  • Launch the app and select Settings from the upper right corner.


Promo Codes of Subway Surfers


  • Hit the ‘Unlock Codes’ button when a new window appears.


Promo Codes of Subway Surfers


  • In the ‘Enter Code Below’ column, enter the codes we supplied above.
  • You will be awarded in-game immediately after pressing the ‘Correct’

Redeem these Subway Surfers Codes as soon as possible when you get these codes. The Promo Codes expire after some days, so redeem them early to get unlimited in-game rewards.

Please forward this message to your friends so they can participate in this contest. If none of these codes work, that is because they have already been used. However, you must return to our website periodically to obtain the most current Subway Surfers Promo Codes.


We have updated all the information related to Subway Surfers Codes for Coins and Keys. If you have any queries regarding these Subway Surfers Promo Codes, kindly comment to us in the given Comments Section, and we will quickly respond to your queries.

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