Project QT Redeem Codes

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The game Project QT has offered free codes for coins, gems, and other rewards on several occasions; if you wish to have a chance at snagging some of these valued items, here is a list of all currently active Project QT Redeem Codes 2022.


Project QT Codes 2022


Project QT Redeem Codes 2022

Project QT Redeem codes are currently available in high volumes, but a number of them have already expired. However, there are still some that work and that can be activated without any problems. Here is the entire list of active Project QT hack codes that should be used as soon as possible.

Project QT is a puzzle RPG mobile game created by xDNA and published by Nataku. Despite being an eroge and having adult content, it is still one of the most popular puzzle RPG games on the market because of its fantastic graphics and a large cast of characters. Since there are many redeem codes for Project QT games and players might want to know where they can get them, this article contains a full breakdown of all the codes for Project QT.

Project QT Cheats Gameplay

Project QT is a raunchy puzzle/RPG game in which the player must recruit monster girls to fight an alien virus. The game begins after an experiment in the Arctic involving a black hole leads to the creation of a rift that unleashes an infectious space virus.

The visual artwork for Project QT Cheats is steamy, and its rarity system is unique to the game. Players can collect monster girls and give them gifts, or even evolve them using memory fragments, helping players to gain more power as they level up.


Project QT Redeem Codes


In Project QT Hacks, players can obtain rewards and items after each battle. The number of rewards and items a player receives varies depending on the difficulty of the boss. Players can obtain a list of active Project QT gift codes by visiting the official website.

Project QT Gift Codes 2022

Project QT codes give you many fantastic items in the game, including tickets, gems, and more. If you are looking for a Project QT redemption code, you have come to the right place. We will add a new Project QT code for free regularly.

Project QT Codes 2022 (New)

The following is a list of the current working codes of Project QT, which we will update regularly as soon as the developers provide us with Project QT codes. So I suggest you bookmark this page to receive updates about Project QT Latest Codes.

  • VYCJE9CGYD – Get free gems and other rewards like Summon Tickets.
  • ZDGKQL4AFN – 100 Gems, 2 Event Summon Tickets, and 3 Medium AP Restoration Potions
  • HWWJT4R8RP – Gives you Event Summon Tickets x2, Gems x100, and Coins x30000
  • MRRCR248CT – Gems x100, Summer Splash Step-up Tickets x2, and Coins x30000
  • TGVDKY4HEQ – Event Summon Tickets x3, Gems x100, and Coins x10000

Currently, these are the active Project QT Codes. Each one is time-limited, so redeem them soon before they expire.


Project QT Cheats


How to redeem Project QT Cheat Codes?

Redeeming Project QT Cheats is simple. First, you need to launch the game. After that, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “MENU” button at the top right corner of the main page.
  • From this page, click the “Redeem Gift Code”
  • After inputting any of the above-listed codes, you will receive your reward.
  • That’s it. Enjoy the rewards.

We remind you to join the game’s Discord channel for new code releases. To do so, navigate to Social Media in the menu and select Discord.

How to get more Free Project QT Codes?

Project QT Codes is an application that generates Steam gift codes for the purpose of giving out free games to users. Before Valve cracked down on selling Steam accounts, third-party marketplaces were able to sell the accounts with stolen credit cards or in-game items.

However, I’ve recently discovered a method that any user can use to generate their own gift codes using my application. The process takes about 30 minutes per code if the user has enough funds in their wallet.

To obtain your free games, follow these steps.

STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: To join our program, please create an account with Project QT.

You do not need Steam Guard if you will not give away your email address. Delete the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator after this process is done to ensure quality control.

STEP 3: When creating a project QT account, most users will have already given enough information for project QT to know that they are not robots or bots to generate thousands of gift codes. They may also fill in their real name as part of their profile.

STEP 4: To receive your games, email [email protected] with either proof of purchase of games on Steam (meaning proof of ownership) OR proof of identification. Be sure to include in the email the username or ID you have on the site as well.

STEP 5: Project QT is a tool that allows you to add funds to your Steam Wallet using a different currency. The tool does not use malicious software to steal or hack into your account. It simply reads the empty fields on the project-Qt site for Steam Wallet funds and generates a code based on that number.

The Project-QT site makes it so you can put any amount of money into your Steam Wallet, even if it’s negative because project-Qt sees the entire value as “1” which is equivalent to how much 1 US dollar is worth in Steam Wallet funds (this is why project-Qt always seems like it has more than $100).


In this article, we have put all the advanced information related to Project QT Redeem Codes and how we can use them in the game. If you have any queries regarding these codes, kindly inbox us in the comments section. We will respond to your queries,

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