Dude Theft Wars MOD APK

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Dude Theft Wars MOD APK 2022 is an action simulation game from the publisher Poxel Studios. The player takes on the role of a gangster who does whatever he or she wants to do, even the craziest, the worst things. No one can stop him or her. There are several levels in Dude Theft Wars Game and here in this Mod version, we have unlocked all the levels and premium features. So, a player can enjoy the game thoroughly.


Dude Theft Wars MOD APK


Additional Information:

NameDude Theft Wars
DevelopersPoxel Studios
VersionLatest 2022
Requirements5.0 & up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, MOD Menu
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Dude Theft Wars Mod APK 2022

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK Latest Version is an open-world action game, in which the player assumes the role of a young man who has just arrived in a city that at first glance seems to be a paradise, but eventually turns out to be far from it. Within this project, one can either lead a peaceful life or become a full-fledged criminal and take up arms – one’s choice. Thus, some of the available weapons include clubs, knives, machine guns, grenades, and so on. One can also ride various vehicles and interact with the environment for added realism.

It is one of the most successful open-world games and humorous physics-based games featuring ragdoll characters. The offline story mode features a big open world map with cheerful graphics and entertaining missions which include multiplayer modes.

Dude Theft Wars Gameplay

This Entertainment Game Dude Theft Wars is a free-roaming sandbox action game featuring elements of both Mafia and Grand Theft Auto games. The game’s lead character, Jack, joins an extraordinary journey in the city of Dude-o-polis, where he learns to use his surroundings to his advantage and gain the upper hand against enemies.

Players can shoot their guns at will, steal any vehicle they want, punch or kick innocent bystanders or even police officers, and roam freely in all directions across dozens of sceneries, including houses, apartments, military bases, and much more. Many different interactions with non-playable characters and other in-game elements enrich the gameplay experience in Dude Theft Wars to a very large extent. With tons of weapons and vehicles available during missions, players can express their creativity during gameplay in many different ways.

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK Latest Version Features

  • Funny Offline Open World Game

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK Unlimited Money is a physics-based action game that features ragdoll physics, offline mode, and multiplayer mode. Its offline story mode includes open-world, graphics, and relaxing missions. Its multiplayer mode includes funny games, action-packed fun, and cool online games.

  • Best Online Multiplayer and Gun Game

You can play action games online with friends. You can play two different game modes—Team Deathmatch and Free for All. Online multiplayer games are the best place to dance, use emotes, and pick out your favorite guns. You can play on a variety of different maps, including NoobTown, which is great for quick games, and JackStreet, which offers open-world fun.

When you’re ready to customize your look with new character items and weapons, do so in either the online multiplayer games mode or the offline games mode. Whether you’re playing online or not, action games are some of the most entertaining games you can find today.


Dude Theft Wars Mod Menu


  • Unlimited Cars are available

Now you can join the endless adventure of city driving, even offline or online. You can own yourself the most modern and classic cars for conquering dangerous but equally exciting action. More than 60 cars based on physics to operate are waiting for you to conquer.

  • Explore the Cities

The Dude Theft Wars mod apk download requires players to explore the city in order to steal money, items, and vehicles.

Dude Theft Wars is a casual shooter, fighting, and racing game. Gamers will explore the massive open-world sandbox city while fighting and stealing cars. At the same time, they’ll uncover unique structures and secrets while enjoying the game’s unique interactions with elements on the map.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to visit new cities with different features and many new elements to discover. You can find yourself enjoying exploring the towns and finding out what your new city has to offer. You can look forward to online updates that will add even more elements and features to the game.

  • Drive Physics-based Cars, Bikes, and Fly Planes

The city is filled with vehicles, including cars and planes, and is also home to many fun challenges in this open-world game. You can drive on a bike, helicopter, or other ground vehicle and explore the world around you in exciting missions. Hitting people with your car will cause them to fly up into the air; try it in ragdoll mode. The police will chase you if you get too reckless and crash into someone; drive fast in police chase action games in this big open-world game. If you eject from a car, you’ll earn cash for your crime sprees.

  • Offline Action Game

Dude Theft Wars Offline & Online Multiplayer Game is one of the best humorous games with cool gameplay, excellent physics, and an open world that delivers a lot of fun with many action modes. It contains ragdoll games and police chase in open-world games to provide you with a great time in an offline shooting game. You can explore both fast taxi driving games and bowling games on the exciting open-world map. If you are into funny action games, Dude Theft Wars APK is your best option. It’s one of the best online multiplayer games with a lot of active modes. It has cool sports action games like basketball games and a fun bowling game.

  • Action Packed Police Chase

Action games, whether they are open-world or multiplayer, have a strong following among players regardless of their skill level. The ability to commit crimes and watch armed forces attack you is realistic compared to online multiplayer games that make the gameplay fun. The ragdoll game mechanics within the game make it fun even when the player gets arrested.


Dude Theft Wars APK mod


  • New FPS Online Multiplayer Maps

Multiplayer online games are the most popular genre in games. In Dude Theft Wars Online, the players can enjoy a lot of features freely. For example, Jackstreet, Noobtown, and Parkour playground offer players a chance to compete online in first-person shooter (FPS) action. Players can enjoy killing others to watch their ragdoll fall to the ground in FPS multiplayer games. They can also perform many other interesting feats, all of which are available in a number of action games.

  • Insane weapons and explosives

To better immerse Android gamers in the Dude Theft Wars Multiplayer APK, we have added an assortment of weapons and explosives available for purchase at the weapon store. You can freely select your favorite guns with different levels of firepower, each with its own unique firing experience. In addition, you may choose epic melee weapons to enjoy even more brutal and hilarious fighting experiences. Finally, you are able to throw hand grenades in the middle of the crowd to troll other NPCs.

  • Interesting Vehicles

For those of you interested in the Dude Theft Crime MOD APK game, you will now be able to freely roam the city in its various vehicles.  The game features many unique vehicles including monster trucks, an alien UFO, skateboards, and a dragster. All these vehicles have unique properties that you can use to your advantage.  Alternatively, if driving isn’t your thing, you can always order your dUber rides over the phone and become a pedestrian for a little while.


Dude Theft Wars


  • Amazing AI with ragdoll physics

For those of you who enjoy the gameplay of Block City Wars, you will enjoy Dude Theft Wars even more. Both games use low-poly characters, each with a distinctive personality. Enjoy using the ragdoll physics in Dude Theft Wars to interact with NPCs and come up with creative ways to play the game.

  • Capture your moments with slow motions built-in camera

The Dude Theft Wars Apk can now be enjoyed with the aid of slow-motion effects and the built-in camera option. The camera lets you easily capture self-portraits and photos of other characters in exciting stunts or memorable in-game moments.

  • Easy controls

 In Dude Theft Wars APK, the controls are fairly simple to learn. The virtual pad is located on the left-hand side of the screen; the fire and aim buttons are on the right side. As for weapons, you can change them with a single click in the upper right corner.


Dude Theft Wars offline APK


  • Get new Updated features

The game has now been updated with many new features, including many options for vehicles, as well as various types of airplanes, helicopters, and boats. Players can also use a rocket launcher and machine guns, which are built to destroy anything in their path. In addition, they can enjoy discovering the various features of the iDude app.

  • Visuals and Sound quality

  •  Graphics

To start, gamers playing Dude Theft Wars Hack Apk will notice the unique in-game graphics with its ragdoll characters. Enjoy the funny physics and detailed character designs in the massive city. Feel like you’re in the game with realistic visual effects and powerful animations. And, of course, enjoy just having fun playing any game that is easy to learn and enjoyable to play on many different Android devices.

  • Sound and Music

Dude Theft Wars will include many rich audio features that complement the video. Powerful sound effects, engaging soundtracks, and special sound features will all help to create an immersive gaming experience.

  • Free to play

Despite multiple exciting features, Dude Theft Wars Cheats Apk offers free gameplay on Android mobile devices. Feel free to download the game from the Google Play Store without paying and Dude Theft Wars Mod from our website.

Dude Theft Wars MOD Money

You have access to Unlimited Money in our Dude Theft Wars Cheats APK and make limitless purchases with money. You can improve your gameplay with this Mod Money version.

Some Other Features:

  • The game features an open-world map and ragdoll physics.
  • The game’s online multiplayer mode is fast-paced.
  • One of the most popular free ragdoll games and funny action games on the Internet.
  • Online first-person shooter games in an open-world setting.
  • It supports online multiplayer and ragdoll game modes for up to 16 players simultaneously.
  • This is a 3D driving game with a sandbox environment.
  • Mini-games can be found in open-world games.
  • Sandbox simulator features cheat codes.

Enjoy Dude Theft Wars MOD APK Latest Version

Dude Theft Wars is a freemium game, so it will include advertisements and in-game purchases—which you might find annoying. We also provide an alternative version of Dude Theft Wars on our website that has been modified to include unlocked gameplay and unrestricted progression via a hack (mod). Download the Dude Theft Wars Cheats APK from our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Dude Theft Wars Download PC

This Dude Theft Wars Multiplayer APK Hack is also compatible with PCs. You can download it on your PC and enjoy the game freely.


dude theft crime


Dude Theft Wars MOD APK Download for Android

The game can be played in single-player mode for early missions. However, I recommend playing online with friends for fun. The game has a number of difficult missions that require a sufficient number of players to perform criminal activities, such as: teasing police officers, causing damage to streets, and robbing banks … Interesting, right?

  • First of all, uninstall the Google Play Store Version of Dude Theft Wars from your device.
  • Enable Downloading from Third Party Source in your Mobile Security Settings.
  • Click on the Download Button given in the link.
  • The Downloading will be started.
  • Find Covet Fashion Hack APK File in your Device File Manager or Storage.
  • Tap on the APK File to install it on your device.
  • After Installation, the Dude Theft Wars Cheats Apk is ready to play.

Download Mod Apk


Dude Theft Crime MOD APK Latest Version is a real game for the true outlaw, an open-world pixel city and complete freedom of action allow you to spend time in the appropriate manner. You have a choice: you can become a decent citizen and punish criminals or you can join them and become a real Gangster kid. At your disposal is a variety of weapons, the ability to steal vehicles, use various grenades for any of your pleasures, enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding city, explore shops and find new places.

Dude Theft Wars Hack APK offers players a variety of gameplay experiences, from exploring a large city to driving classic cars and chasing down criminals. In the game’s open world, players will be able to drive realistically rendered vehicles in detail-oriented cities. Sporting realistic water effects, Dude Theft Wars allows for the simulation of a fluid simulation in which characters are able to interact with their surroundings realistically.

Players can also interact with criminals and use weapons to stop them from committing crimes. As you play, you can collect coins throughout the game and spend them on different upgrades for your character and accessories for your car.

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Can we play Dude Theft War APK in Offline mode?

Yes, you can play it online as well as in Offline mode.

Can we compete with International Players in Dude Theft Wars APK?

Yes, It is a multi-player game and you can play it with your friends throughout the Globe.

How to hack Dude Theft Wars?

This is the latest version of Dude Theft Wars Hack APK on our website. You can download it and enjoy the all Premium Features of the game.

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