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The DraStic DS Emulator Apk is a free Android application developed by Exophase. This particular Android app simulates a Nintendo Game Boy game player, providing gamers with the opportunity to utilize their Android devices to play many popular Nintendo games.


Drastic DS Emulator mod apk


Additional Information:

NameDraStic DS Emulator APK
VersionLatest 2022
Requirements4.1 & Up
Updated OnToday
Mod InfoLicense Resolved
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DOwnload MOD APK

DraStic DS Emulator Apk Mod 2022

Hello. I’m going to share with you the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator APK for Android. This is a popular Nintendo DS emulator that brings games from this portable console to Android devices. As usual, the ROMs are not provided and it’s recommended only to play with your own backup copies.

DraStic DS Emulator is a powerful Android Nintendo DS emulator that has a great deal of expertise incompatibility issues and can offer superb results in gameplay. The DraStic emulator is currently the most downloaded software for Android devices, with some advanced features that provide quite an authentic Nintendo DS diversion experience, especially on high-end devices, with Google Drive’s synchronized storage space.

DraStic DS Emulator APK Latest Version 2022

The DraStic DS Emulator apk 2022 allows you to adjust the size and orientation of the Nintendo DS screen. Some features are not included in other applications, including optional high-resolution graphics. For hardcore gamers, the app offers the opportunity to enjoy thousands of games that are unavailable on other platforms. Take on exciting adventures with many classic handheld games; many are making this platform popular today.

Download the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator for Android to your mobile device. Configure the settings to reflect a smooth gameplay experience. Become immersed in nostalgic DS experiences on your mobile device.

How does DraStic DS Emulator work?

The Drastic DS Emulator, released for Android devices, is an emulator for the Nintendo DS handheld console. It can be used to run and play several Nintendo DS games on Android devices. These include the popular game titles found in the Nintendo DS library.

The app emulates numerous features of the Nintendo DS, including touchscreen controls and microphone support. New users should not mistake it as a downloadable game collection, however: one must obtain copies of the original game ROMs they wish to play on their device in order to enjoy gameplay with the Drastic emulator. Online sources contain these copies, among other tools and utilities for the app.

The DraStic DS Emulator mod Apk enables you to make changes to your save files, customize graphics, and hack the speed of games. Explore each of these features to make overall gaming experiences in DraStic DS Emulator apk more interesting.


DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk Android 1


DraStic DS Emulator APK Features

  • By upgrading the 3D graphics to twice their original resolution, players can experience the game in an enhanced fashion.
  • You can arrange the placement and size of the DS screens for both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Supports add-on controllers, and physical controls in devices such as nVidia Shield and Xperia Play.
  • Add save states to resume your progress—anywhere you want—and get right back into the action.
  • A database of thousands of cheat codes allows users to tweak their gaming experience.
  • Synchronize your save games on your PC with an online Google Drive storage space.
  • Fast forward increases emulation speed.
  • An impressive emulator designed especially for use with Android is available.
  • Numerous games for Nintendo’s platforms can be played on smartphones.
  • NDS Emulator allows you to play Nintendo DS games on your Android device.
  • Nintendo DS Games can be played directly on the Android tablet.
  • The Nintendo DS emulator lets you play thousands of games with a quick flick of your thumb.
  • Free to download
  • It supports external Nintendo ROMs
  • Ads-free gameplay
  • It supports external controllers
  • You can enhance your Nintendo games with many tricks.

The Best Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator apk 2022 is one of the most popular Android emulators. It’s an excellent Nintendo DS emulator for Android. You can play any game from the vast Nintendo DS library on this emulator. Most Android users use this emulator. You can download it from the Play Store. The pricing for this application starts at $4.99. Some Android gamers purchase this application. This application has many features that may interest you.


DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk paid 2022


Drastic DS Emulator Free Download

Many users wish to use this application but cannot afford the high price. However, there is a solution for every problem; this website allows you to download a modified version of the application for free. You can now enjoy all the features of the original version! The Drastic DS emulator mod Apk free download and install, as it does not contain any in-app purchases. Despite the abundance of features available to Android users, their DS emulation gameplay is still free. Users can download and install this app from the Google Play Store with ease.

DraStic DS Emulator No License required

The biggest problem with the DraStic DS Emulator is the software license, which requires a key for full functionality. But the developers have removed all license keys in this DraStic DS Emulator apk full mod, allowing users to use all features without limitations. This apk file is a special add-on for the NDS Emulator, which allows you to easily bypass the license option. If you use any other NDS emulator apk, it asks license. But in this application, this option does not show up. So you can play your favorite ds game without interruptions.

Emulation Speed

The emulation speed of a DS emulator is very important. Most of the  emulator apps slowly emulate games. This badly affects DS games when playing. It’s a very irritating thing on other DS emulators, but Drastic DS emulator mod apk revdl has high emulation speed. So you can play your Nintendo DS game without any interruptions. The upcoming app will feature the Fast Forward button on all of your DS games. Tapping this button allows you to access speed-hacking features in one simple tap. With adjustable settings, you can experience varying speeds.

Cheat Codes

The Drastic DS Emulator Apk full mod includes a host of cheat codes for DS games. This feature is a major advantage for users. Not all emulators support this feature, so if you are using Drastic Emulator, you will enjoy a unique gaming experience. You can increase your in-game levels by using this feature. It’s also fun to do that. Just try it out on your Emulator.

This Emulator is capable of providing you with thousands of cheat code databases, which makes it unique from any other Emulators available on the Play Store. You will not face any lag or other general issues while using this Emulator. DraStic DS Emulator mod apk supports cheat codes that you can enter while you play games. Using these codes, you can do things like changing the weather or your character’s clothing.

Saves and Synchronizes Progress

Despite the inability to save progress in the most common Emulators, this Drastic DS Emulator Apk provides a solution: saving the progress of your game in Google Drive and syncing it with you as you restart. As with other similar emulators, all you need to do is click on the ‘save state’ button, and the data will be there when you need it. The process is automatic, and no manual settings are necessary.

DraStic DS Emulator mod apk revdl allows players to save game progress at any time, enabling pausing and saving the game so you can continue playing it anytime. Additionally, the app also allows players to synchronize saved files using Google Drive, ensuring that the same saved file is available on multiple devices. To do this, make sure you sign in to your Google Play Games account when launching the app.


DraStic DS Emulator apk for Android


Games and customization

Besides running games, the DraStic emulator mod version lets you alter their display modes. If your device is quad-core, you’ll experience a boost in graphics for 3D games. You can adjust the game screen’s location and size to play in portrait or landscape mode. You can access save states through Google Drive, so you can continue your progress whenever you like. The fast-forward feature helps speed up the rendering process.

The app also supports add-on controllers and physical controls. Begin your DS gaming experience by accessing the DraStic DS Emulator latest version mod apk free download on your PC. Use the unique interface for each of your DS titles to place the game’s displays where you want them. Change modes between portrait or landscape mode, or pinch to make the screens smaller or bigger.

Easy and Smooth Gameplay

DraStic DS Emulator mod apk Android 1 boasts a streamlined setup process, making it simple to add new ROMs. You first need to download the ROM file of a game you want to play on your phone. Then, open the emulator app and it will automatically display all available ROMs for you to tap. Manual search tools are also included if DraStic can’t find your game by itself.

Overall, DraStic DS Emulator apk paid has many features and an affordable price, making it one of the best DS emulators on Android. The game Drastic can increase the resolution of the game by two times to bring a better experience for the player. Of course, to ensure this feature works smoothly, you need a good enough Android device.

Lag-Free Gameplay

Lag can be encountered while playing games on a DS Emulator, regardless of whether it is free or paid. However, the DraStic DS apk offers lag-free gameplay as a result of its high quality and professional development.


Although advertisements are seen in many applications, we cannot neglect that they spoil the full user experience. To overcome this problem, we modified this application and removed all ads units from the emulator.

Incredible Gaming Experience

When you’re an Android gamer, the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator apk will offer the best Nintendo DS experience, with high-quality visuals. Millions of users from all over the world have tried it and enjoyed their games. It offers complete compatibility for all the available DS games that were released for the platform. You’ll find a lot of settings to fine-tune every detail of your experience. And it’ll be smoother than your old Nintendo DS devices. Fast-forward allows you to shorten loading times for games. In turn-based fighting games, you can use the feature to speed up matches.

The app can be used with most Android devices and features other features besides fast-forward, such as the ability to adjust monitor position and enhance image quality.

Amazing Graphics

As you explore your exciting in-game adventures on any of your Nintendo DS titles, the DraStic DS Emulator pc will offer visually stunning graphics. This is because the original device only offers 256 × 192 pixels of resolution on its two displays. Smartphone devices, however, allow you to set much higher resolutions on your screens. If you use the settings provided with the app, you can increase the resolution of your display by up to three times. Thanks to this, playing games on your smartphone is far more enjoyable than playing them on the Nintendo DS. In addition, with the various rendering options provided in this app, each game’s visuals are more interesting than ever before.


DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk old version


Customize Audio Quality

In addition, the DraStic DS Emulator free download offers a variety of audio quality settings–including the ability to customize the sound. This feature lets users match the audio quality to their hardware and reduce strain on the system if games are running slow. For users interested in having the pure and authentic original game sounds through emulation, the Drastic DS Emulator hack apk download offers many audio options as well.

Easy Controls Options

DraStic DS Emulator PC provides a wide range of controller options. Gamers can adjust the controls to suit their preferences, or resize them and change their position. The visual quality and controller settings can also be customized, and there are various controls to choose from—virtual controls, gamepad, or stylus. For those of you with an external controller, you can use it to enjoy the game even more. Have fun with your physical controller and also have access to a full list of customizations on the app.


Download the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator


Gamepad Supported

Gamepad support in DraStic DS Emulator allows you to play Nintendo DS games on Android devices. The goal of Gamepad support is to offer a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience, keeping the complexity and lag of the emulator behind the scenes. The supported devices are Sony Xperia Play, Moga, NVIDIA SHIELD, as well as some Bluetooth gamepads.

Supports multi-languages

The DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk Android 1 application currently supports 6 languages—Japanese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch. You can change the language options from the Settings menu.

Some more important features of DraStic Emulator APK:

Below are some more features you might want to consider.

  • An Amazing Emulator – DraStic is a Nintendo DS emulator for Android phones, allowing users to play most games from the console on their mobile devices. Gamers need only download ROM files of the games, then open the app and let them run.
  • Supports High Resolution – The application supports up to 2 times the resolution of 3D games on the DS device, and on high-end mobile phones.
  • Supports backup – Like GameBoy, this DraStic DS Emulator mod apk Android 1 supports save backup at the state you are playing. If your phone rings while you’re playing, you can save the game and pick it up again when you return.
  • Highly Optimized Gameplay – The publisher optimized the game for maximum quality across a wide range of phones with varying configurations.
  • Customize Screen Position – The two screens can be laid out in a variety of positions, including parallel to each other or with one screen placed above the other.
  • Battery Saver – To encourage users to play their app for hours on end, game developers add battery-saving features.
  • Save & Synchronization – In order to not lose the app’s archive file when you reset your device, this app also allows you to store your data on Google Drive.
  • Fast-forward emulation – The developers of this application have included a feature that will allow users to speed up the game. Some games have long dialogues that you can use this feature to skip through the boring parts.
  • Supports Cheats – Entering cheat codes can initiate a variety of effects during gameplay, depending on the type of code.
  • Customizations – DraStic emulator lets you customize many of its settings, including which controls are assigned to your mobile screen, the size and placement of those screens (e.g. horizontally side by side), audio volume, the game’s resolution, and more.
  • Compatible with all Controllers – The system is compatible with both phone-integrated and external controllers.

DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk Download

DraStic DS Emulator Mod APK is a modded version of the official Drastic DS Emulator app that allows users to enjoy thousands of Nintendo DS games right on their smartphones and tablets. Users will be able to play all the games at a very fast speed. This app is only available for Android devices, and it has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.


DraStic DS Emulator latest version mod apk free download


All Premium Features are unlocked

However, if you want to fully enjoy the app, we strongly recommend that you buy the full version of the app. You should also get rid of ads, which are causing you trouble. The easiest way of getting rid of them is to get DraStic DS Emulator Mod APK free download on our website. This modded version will offer all premium features unlocked, plus it will remove annoying ads without any risk to your device.

Feature of DraStic DS Emulator Mod Apk

  • Get Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Features
  • All levels are unlocked
  • No Ads during gameplay
  • Unlimited Everything

Nintendo DS for Android

In response to a similar product offered by Sony, Nintendo released its own dual-screen handheld device. It is no longer developing the Nintendo DS and it is not selling the device in the video game market. Although the developer of DraStic DS Emulator no license confirmed that this application can run all games on the DS console, there are minor errors with the software, and no ROMs are provided for copyright reasons. However, there are still many players who love these games, so you can download an archive of ROMs from the Internet.

DraStic DS Emulator Latest Version Mod Apk Free Download

Downloading any modded application from Emiratesapk is a straightforward process that requires only basic knowledge of the Android platform.

Follow the given steps to install DraStic DS Emulator Apk Full Mod on your device:

  • Click on the Download Button to download DraStic Emulator apk on your device.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete downloading.
  • Now find the apk file in your Device storage in Downloads Folder.
  • Tap on the apk file to install it on your device.

DOwnload MOD APK

Note: This is a modified version of the  DraStic Emulator. Uninstall any previously-installed version of this emulator by Play Store to avoid installation errors.


DraStic DS Emulator is a program that allows users to play Nintendo DS games on their devices. This app offers many features and the latest version of DraStic DS Emulator hack apk is downloaded by millions of users. So, now you can download this amazing game emulator for free. Not only will you be able to enjoy Nintendo DS games on your device but it’s also free from ads. So, here’s your chance to play all the Nintendo DS games that you wanted to play when you were a kid.

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Is it secure and legal to use Drastic Emulator mod apk revdl?

The DraStic DS Emulator APK that I share on Emiratesapk has been tested on various premium antivirus to ensure that it’s safe and will not harm your Android device in any way. So, you can play Nintendo games on DraStic DS Emulator no license without compromising your privacy or security.

What will we get in this Drastic Emulator apk mod?

We had unlocked all premium items to provide you with the best gaming experience. For a detailed breakdown of our offers, please see the below list.

  • All Premium features are unlocked
  • Physical Controls in Premium Devices
  • Game saves and Synchronization option
  • No Ads during gameplay

It has some additional features which can be experienced while playing the game on Drastic DS Emulator Cheats apk.

Can I use DraStic Emulator for a lifetime?

Yes, it is possible to use it for a lifetime without having to renew your license; to receive updates, simply bookmark our website.

Is DraStic DS Emulator hack apk Ads-free?

The application does not contain any ads because the developer of the application manually removes all ad units.

Is it free to download DraStic DS Emulator premium apk?

You do not need to pay for DraStic DS Emulator. I have always said that all premium applications that I share on Emiratesapk are free and you can download them free of charge.

Can I play Nintendo games on DraStic Ds Emulator app?

Yes, you can play any Nintendo DS games on this application, as the Drastic DS Emulator app supports many of the Nintendo DS games. Here’s a cool feature: You can try this out for yourself.

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