Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes

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The Death Road to Canada cheat codes can unlock every level and give you piles of supplies and XP. This cheat is obtained with the help of the console command that is described in the article completely.


Death Road to Canada Cheats 2022


Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes 2022

In this article, we have discussed the Latest Cheats for Death Road to Canada in detail. Kindly read the complete article and also submit any Cheat Code of Death Road to Canada in the comment section if some code is missing here.

Death Road to Canada Console Command

A console is a program that enables users to change the settings and parameters of a computer game while it is being played. In addition, consoles often display a log of errors and other messages generated during the program’s operation.

A console is a diagnostic tool that allows players to enhance the game. The Page Up and Page Down keys can be used to navigate results from commands. The console can be extended outside the terminal window area.

How to Use Console Command in Death Road to Canada Cheats?

Add the following line to enable console: debug check DEBUG BUILD console; debug check-in boot.df file.

Open to use the console in Death Road to Canada Cheats: open [Tilde] key

Death Road to Canada Codes allows you to increase your chances of winning the game.

Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes for Android

  • Mission [siege-over]                     any battle is put to a quick end.
  • pchar X add-bullet/rifle/shell      Get Unlimited Ammo
  • X pchar.STAT!                                Get Unlimited Points
  • vl WEAPON                                   Get Dump weapons.
  • foo .drift                                        Spawn in the middle of the room
  • regiondef{ traderhere }                Spawn a trader.
  • X LOOT_FOO pchar .lootamt!       Add to the character.
  • pchar.SPECCHARify                       Get a special character.
  • gstats{ X zombop+! }                    Adds X amount of Zombo Points.
  • regiondef{ trader inside }             Spawn a trader in the center of the room.
  • road{ foo }                                      Special characters or common events.
  • Road[trade event]                         Start a trade camp event
  • vl zomb, vl skel                              Dump something
  • char-gen to recruitee recruited    Quick road recruit.
  • X trunk-foo+                                  Add to the trunk.
  • Road[ X to road-trip-days]           Set road trip days.
  • Road[15 to road-trip-days tradeevent] Final camp.
  • roomgen{ X .zombspawn }            Spawn X zombies.

Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes, Tasks and Achievements

Here is a complete list of Cheats for Death Road to Canada. Complete these given Death Road to Canada Tasks and get prizes.

  • Abracadabraa              Win with the Wizard! It is your destiny.
  • America Day                Win the game with Uncle Sam or Muscle Eagle
  • Anime Syndrome         Anime Girl anime the car
  • Are We There Yet?       Win Long Winding Road Mode
  • Bonds of Steel             Win Familiar Characters EXTREME Mode
  • Canada Day                 Win the game with the holiday beaver on the team
  • Cat Attack                    Win the game with a feral cat on the team.
  • Day of the Circus         Just like in my clown nightmares.
  • Dog Squad                  won with 4 dogs. Dog squaaaaad
  • Free Chicken               Rescued a chicken. May turn into nugs in Death Road to Canada Cheats Android
  • Happy Thanksgiving   Win with Turkey. Tip: Do not eat it.
  • Human Repair             Train Medical 50 times
  • Little Vacation             Beat Short Trip to Heck Mode
  • Merry Christmas         Win with Santa, a real Christmas miracle
  • Popular                       Win with the friendliest guy there is
  • No One Left Behind    Win with no ally deaths. This includes traders and mall cops in Death Road to Canada Cheats iOS
  • Omega Streak             Streak the first 10 game modes
  • Paranormal                 Proved the existence of spooky ghosts.
  • Ramming Speed         Reach the final area with a working car
  • Scientific                     Win with the bunker laboratory scientist.
  • The Last Panda           Win with the Panda. Maybe Canada will be a good habitat.
  • Valhalla                       Win with Valkyrie. This should be an easy one.
  • World Champ             Win with the Boxer. Stick and move!
  • Zombillion                  Splat 100,000 zombies!

Death Road to Canada Gameplay

Death Road to Canada Cheats Apk is an activity RPG and can be found on Google Play Store; the game is arbitrarily set en route. You should control and deal with a vehicle stacked with jerks, take more time to investigate the city, find and enlist weird individuals and face a ton of zombies. Everything in the game is irregular; each time you play, the game is set up in an unexpected way. Areas, occasions, survivors’ characters, everything is set indiscriminately. Survivors have a wide range of characters, and characters will have two circumstances: to help you or impede you.

Search for extraordinary occasions, uncommon experiences, and special and best heroes. Tame the semi-wild canines you meet en route. You can likewise make characters to view as in this game. Also, the significant thing is to attempt to take off from those sluggish zombies.

Any other way, your personality will kick the bucket, and when there is nobody left, the game will end, and you are a failure. So how about we stroll on the lethal street from Florida to Canada, in the setting that this is the keep-going country on Earth, the last country without zombies?

Death Road to Canada Tips and Tricks

  • Fighting Mode

Set your team’s AI to “Fighting’” mode so they actually contribute in a fight. Otherwise, they’ll only attack if a zombie happens to wander into their path.

  • Death Road to Canada Custom Character

Create a new character by customizing their traits and perks–this will allow you to populate the recruitment pool for game modes that rely on this character type.

  • Strength and Fitness

Increasing your Strength increases your melee attack rate and damage, which will be your most effective attack for most of the game. An amount of Fitness is also important, but you tend to prioritize Strength upgrades when you can.

  • Weapons in the game

Many of the items that you can pick up during the game feature durability and some of those weapons are indestructible. If you find one you like, you do not need to carry a backup. Common tools include hammers, wrenches, tire irons, frying pans, and pipes.

  • Medical and Mechanical Aid

Maxed out Medical will allow you to recuperate even if you run out of medical supplies; Maxed out Mechanical will let you fix your automobile indefinitely. A good character profile for the buddy slot is one with both Civilized and Surgeon traits. This will allow for high Medical skills as well as Social and Mechanical. The character can also charm traders for free upgrades in skills and stats.

  • Shooting Mode

For characters with low Strength and Stamina, shooting is a good option. It is also useful during invasions or sieges when you need to continue attacking even if you are fatigued.

  • Use Furniture to kill Zombies

The game is not ironic when it advises you to throw furniture. This will let you strike zombies from behind, usually killing a few with multiple hits. Throwing furniture is actually a legitimate technique in the game since it lets you strike zombies from behind, killing several with numerous strikes.

  • Equipped your Character with Flashlight

Night scenes should always be illuminated. Keeping a flashlight in your inventory ensures your characters will have light sources when necessary. Don’t worry about equipping the flashlight on an AI-controlled character; they’ll use it appropriately. If you want to use the flashlight, make sure it’s bought and not an item already in your inventory.


After reading the above given informative article about Death Road to Canada Cheats 2022, Death Road to Canada Cheat Codes, Tips and Tricks, you can improve the game performance and can enhance your gameplay. If you have any queries regarding the Cheat Codes for Death Road to Canada, kindly ask us, and we will try to resolve your query.


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