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The battle journey begins when the lives of you and your loved ones are disturbed by youkai. Sleep no longer feels comfortable, and fear invades your house. Now is the time for a change. You, the main character in Dash Quest Mod Apk Unlimited Money, must stand up and fight. Though many enemies stand in your way, victory will belong to good, and evil will be punished appropriately.


Dash Quest Mod Apk


Additional Information:

NameDash Quest Mod APK
DevelopersTiny Titan Studios
VersionLatest 2022
Requirements4.1 & Up
Mod InfoUnlimited Money & Gems
Get It OnEmiratesAPK

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Dash Quest MOD APK 2022

Dash Quest MOD APK Latest Version is a quest game in which you, a brave hero, decide to drop everything and go on an adventure. You have nothing but your sword, but you know that during your journey you will acquire everything.

As you complete tasks given by people and slay monsters, you will discover treasures, learn magic, and become a swordmaster. When you return home as a true legend, everyone will recognize your glory!

You can accompany your pet on an epic journey across Viremia. As you make your way through dangerous lands, defeat all foes standing in your way and prepare for challenging boss battles. Use collected experience points to improve your hero’s skills.

The gameplay of Dash Quest Heroes Mod Apk

To defeat a boss, players must first defeat a series of small enemies before encountering a giant final boss. Unlike the other monsters, the final boss is always a big problem for many players. Strategies for defeating it include swinging a sword, using skills, blocking attacks, and stunning enemies. Note the moves and movements of the final boss so you can anticipate its next move. Defeat it successfully to pass the level, experience other lands, and prove your skill to other players. Don’t forget to complete daily challenges and save milestones so you can reach legendary badges.

There are four primary types of equipment for Dash Quest Hack Apk: armor, sword, magic ring, and hat. These items will help you advance through the game and battle more difficult monsters. Without booster items, your mana will run low and your fight will be harder. Earn more equipment with increased damage or defense to easily pass the levels.

Only when you level up and upgrade your equipment will you be able to destroy every monster you encounter. Pass each stage, and you’ll increase your level and unlock different boosters that make your character powerful and hard to beat. Use every item at your disposal to make yourself strong enough to always win the fight.

Dash Quest Key Items

  • Slash through a variety of enemies, including goblins, trolls, demons, and zombies!
  • Explore a variety of environments from scorched fields to barren deserts to haunting caves.
  • Unlock new special abilities for your weapons like Eviscerate and Ragnarok, and also enchant them to reach epic levels.
  • There are many different types of combat gear, you won’t need to craft anything to be a powerful soldier.
  • Discover an ancient relic that gives you a power boost!
  • A deep and customizable skill tree gives you the ability to specialize in specific areas.
  • Endless runner and RPG mechanics combine in a pixel kingdom setting!
  • Classic 16-bit arcade action!
  • Engaging and addictive action RPG gameplay!
  • Daily dungeons and challenges await you!
  • Epic boss battles are an essential element.
  • Convenient and powerful upgrade system!
  • Rank and reputation system attached to specialties!
  • Adventure Mode features a complete World Map, as well as hidden secrets.
  • Challenges and mini-games with dedicated leaderboards will keep you engaged!
  • Accessories for pets include collars, harnesses, and leads.
  • Epic difficulty and epic rewards are available to players who choose to play in Hero Mode.
  • Retro graphics in high definition!
  • The most recent version of Dash Quest 2 is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.


Dash Quest MOD APK Latest Version


Features of Dash Quest APK:

  • Variety of Skills

Players can wear items to increase their strength, but they should consider adding skills to the game to create a more realistic combat experience. Characteristic skills include increased attack speed and increased damage or defense; players can choose a suitable set of skills according to their own preferences and make the character stronger. Every time the player levels up, he or she will have points to upgrade the character’s fighting skills, allowing it to become stronger. Throughout the game Dash Quest Money glitch, monsters may rush players at any moment, so storing certain skills for emergencies is crucial.

  • Choose your Character

To play the Dash Quest Legend game, you will choose a character to control the on-screen action. You will fight enemies of various strengths and needs. They may require straightforward tactics and quick reflexes to be destroyed by you. When fighting at close range, click on the left side of the screen to block enemy attacks. Then you need to attack the enemy quickly. Additionally, you can also click in the middle of the screen to fight enemies at a distance with spells.

  • Weapons and Equipment

In the Dash Quest Hack APK, players will receive four types of equipment: swords, armor, rings, and helmets. To get the full set, you need to unlock them after conquering certain levels. In the shop, you can buy items to equip your character with more power. To reach the finish line safely, you need to build yourself the most powerful warrior.

  • Attack the Monsters

To begin the Dash Quest Cheats Apk game, you will be instructed on how to combat the monster. It is a very simple process. First, your character will have to attack the enemies before they attack you. To fight, first, tap on your character’s right side. Next, you need to block the blows of the enemy so that it doesn’t hurt you. Tap on your character’s left side in order to block enemy blows. Also, hold down on your character’s right side in order to release a powerful magical attack. Magical attacks are strong and can help you defeat many enemies. It’s time for you to fight now!

  • Run-on the Road

Heroes or soldiers in Dash Quest Mod APK can go wherever they please in real battles. In the Dash Quest Mod hack version, your character runs a fixed route. There are many useful items that you can pick up on this route, like bombs that can destroy enemies from afar and wands that help you to enter battle with a full stamina bar. When you defeat a monster, you face a boss who is strong but beatable if you use the right items. The reward for defeating the boss will give you an advantage in subsequent battles.


Dash Quest Mod APK Unlimited Money


  • Accompany with Pets

In Dash Quest Hack Apk, players are able to collect pets that can aid them in battle. The game is updated regularly, making the adventure more interactive and challenging. Another feature many players appreciate is the game’s classic graphics and cute character designs. Combined with simple gameplay, everyone will have fun playing this entertaining game in their spare time.

  • Endless Mode and Story Mode

In endless mode, players must give it their all defeating waves of monsters. New skills and abilities must be demonstrated to overcome the challenges. In story mode, a player must conquer increasing levels of difficulty by fighting bosses that are difficult to defeat. Subordinates must also be destroyed in order to defeat the boss. Players may become overwhelmed with this terrible army of monsters, but it is also a thrilling challenge for them to experience Dash Quest Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gems.

  • Endless journey on Different Lands

Dash Quest Heroes Mod Apk has a wide variety of environments and game modes. In adventure mode, the game takes players to different lands, where war and conflict arise from time to time. Environments in this mode include dungeons and forests, where monsters lurk in the shadows.

The player must fight off these monsters and defeat them using combat skills to bring peace back to the world. Or, in hero mode, players must navigate the monster’s increasingly rapid movements and attacks as their salaries increase. Players will find themselves requiring a more precise strategy for this mode of play.

  • Mini-Games in Dash Quest

If you would like to take a break from the action without ending your session, Dash Quest Legend Mod Apk offers small-scale battle scenarios as an alternative. Each scenario features diverse challenges that offer a welcome contrast to the main questline. Achieve high scores to earn rewards. Challenges are not too difficult; they are intended as light entertainment.

If you feel more inclined towards a specific animal type, consider changing your pet’s appearance; doing so will make you feel closer to another character and thus make for a stronger bond between you and your pet.

  • Combination of Action and RPG elements

In the Dash Quest Android Mod Apk, players must fight enemies to protect their kingdom, but at the same time, players will have to keep running. In addition, you have many skills from being a hero and can upgrade them by getting different equipment such as weapons and clothes. You can even buy Spells that help you kill monsters more efficiently.

You can also choose to use pets like fairies to help you kill monsters. They can heal your character if something goes wrong and remove negative status ailments such as stuns or slows. Players can collect different pets to explore the game’s world.

Dash Quest Mod Menu Features

  • Unlimited Gold Coins are awarded the more you play.
  • Dash Quest Mod APK Unlimited Money
  • Skills without CDs (if available)
  • Dash Quest Mod Apk Free Shopping
  • High HP


download Dash Quest Mod Apk free shopping


Download Dash Quest Heroes Mod APK for Android

To download Dash Quest Mod Apk on your Mobile Phones, Follow the below-given steps:

  • Click on the Download Button given in the link for Dash Quest Mod Download.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the download is completed.
  • Find the Apk File in your Device Storage or File Manager in your Downloads Folder.
  • Tap on the Apk File to install it on your device.
  • The game will be installed in a few seconds.
  • An Icon of Dash Quest Hack Mod will pop up on your Phone Screen.
  • Enjoy the game with unlimited Mod Features.

Download MOD APK


Dash Quest Mod Apk is a game that is action-oriented yet lighthearted in its approach, allowing players of all ages to enjoy it. This game’s graphics are simple but not boring—they give players a feeling similar to playing classic games. The gameplay requires you to fight against different kinds of monsters, using your acquired skills and abilities.

You can unlock countless new achievements—each one more impressive and exciting than the last. With each victory achieved in the game, you become stronger and stronger, more confident and skillful. Now pick up your sword and shield; go forth and conquer!

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Is it safe to download Dash Quest Mod Apk from the Emiratesapk website?

Yes, it is very safe and secure to download the Dash Quest Mod version from this website. The File is of Dash Quest Latest Version and is filtered from bugs and malware.

Is it free to use Dash Mod APK?

The game is totally free on the Google Play store as well as the modded version from our website.

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