Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022 Updated

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In this blog post, we will dive into the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, and if you are new to the game, then we’d like to give a few words of introduction before getting down to business.


Cookie Run Kingdom tier list 2022


Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022 guide ranks all the cookie characters. Our Cookie Run guide also provides strategy tips and resources to help you compete in the game. Cookie Run Kingdom is a free-to-play mobile game in which players battle in a world full of monster cakes and sweet treats. It features sugar gnomes, wild cakes, cookies, and even more monsters that are reminiscent of the game’s theme of confectionery. Players progress through levels while building up the Cookie Kingdom, a world where confectionery creatures live and fight.

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Cookie Run Kingdom is a free-to-play RPG-come-kingdom builder available on iOS and Android. In order to build your dream kingdom though, you need to assemble a team of top-tier cookies who will join you on your sweet, sweet adventure. For this, it’s worth knowing which cookies are the most useful and powerful in battle. Cookie Run Kingdom Coupons are like those decorative toy machines where you pop a coin in and a toy comes out. This acts as a roulette, picking random cookies for your team. However, you’re in charge of selecting your best and bravest ones for the Cookie Run Kingdom line-up.



Cookie Run Tier List 2022


Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022 – Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom:

In this Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, we will focus on top-tier cookies and showcase the best characters that you can use to curate a team in PvE and PvP game modes. The current Cookie Run tier list ranks all cookies featured in the game in these tiers: S+ Tier (OP), S Tier (strong ones), A Tier (good ones), B Tier (average ones), and C Tier (below-average ones). This Cookie Run tier list indicates the potential of cookie characters. To become a successful player, make sure to check out this beginner’s guide, as well as redeem these coupon codes for free crystals. Now let’s not waste any time and check out this new Cookie Run Kingdom tier list!

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

  • Black Raisin  Cookie – S Tier
  • Cotton Cookie – S Tier
  • Caramel Arrow Cookie – S ~ S+ Tier
  • Dark Cacao Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Eclair Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Frost Queen Cookie – S Tier
  • Holly berry Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Parfait Cookie – S Tier
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie – S Tier Support
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie – S Tier
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie – S+ Tier Tank
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie – S Tier
  • Sea Fairy Cookie – S+ Tier
  • Cherry Blossom Cookie – A ~ A+ Tier(Provisional)

The Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list for Arena PVP changes slightly from the Kingdom tier list. In this mode, players cannot activate abilities or treasures manually and must rely on their team’s synergy to win. In this Cookie Run guide, we provide a table of the best Cookie Run Kingdom PVP cookies in the game and offer a brief explanation for each choice.

The best characters in Cookie Run Kingdom.

We present a complete tier list of all the cookies available in the game. This page shows the best and worst cookies, those most and least likely to appear in the gacha.


best characters in Cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run Kingdom reroll:

We’ve put together a Cookie Run Kingdom tier list showing the best cookies, which will increase your success rate in-game. We’ve also outlined how to perform the Cookie Run Kingdom reroll, allowing you to gacha for the best starter characters.

How to perform a Cookie Run Kingdom Reroll?

Here’s a guide to the process of performing a reroll in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

It requires some expertise and a little practice.

  • To start the game, log in using a guest account.
  • Play level three of Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  • Use any currently valid coupon codes in your order.
  • Now, it’s time to summon your cookie and hope for one of our Tier S, or Tier S+ cookies.
  • If you are lucky, continue playing; do not stop. If you are unlucky, skip the next steps.
  • Log out of the app by selecting Menu > Settings > Info.
  • Start the process all over again.


In this Cookie Run Guide, we have described the Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List. the Best Character in Cookie Run Kingdom and Cookie Run Reroll. If you have any queries regarding this Cookie Run Kingdom, kindly comment to us on our website. We will respond to your queries. Stay tuned for more updated Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List on this website

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What is the unique cookie in the game?

The top 3 rarest cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom are the Hollyberry, Dark Cacao, and Pure Vanilla cookies because of their extremely low drop rates. Special cookies (Sonic and Tails) are also on this list as they have been exclusively in events and no longer appear regularly in the game.

Which is the new Cookie Run Kingdom Character?

With Caramel Arrow Cookie’s new released, we’ll have to wait for the next chapter tease to really know who is coming to the game next.

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