Catapult King Mod Apk

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Catapult King Mod Apk 2022 is a 3D fantasy adventure that lets you control a catapult and dispatch stones to destroy the fort and castle of your enemies. You also have to face a huge fire dragon in order to rescue the princess. The game offers great destruction experiences and you must use your strategic skills to save the girl from the clutches of evil forces.


Catapult King Mod Apk 2022


Additional Information:

NameCatapult King Mod Menu
DevelopersWicked Witch
VersionCurrent 2022
Requirements4.1 & Up
Mod InfoFully Unlocked all Levels
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Catapult King Mod Apk 2022

Catapult King Mod Menu is a casual game in which players can play as a legionary tasked with destroying enemy bases and forts. To do this, they will be given numerous weapons, such as barrels, stones, and burning stones. Their objective is to demolish all the buildings without leaving a trace and to destroy all opponents on their way. For this, players receive coins, which can be used to improve their catapults and increase their accuracy. They will like the graphics and controls of the game.

Catapult King Apk Gameplay

Catapult King Apk has 96 levels (as of the time of this writing). Each level is different in terms of context, fortress layout, and enemy troops. I can promise you that they are always very attractive and thrilling games. The score after each shot down an enemy fortress will include Stars, Ammunition, Life, Treasure, and Magic. From level 20 onwards, you will slowly unlock special spells that help the slingshot and stone bullets have more terrible destructive power. Such as upgrading to a cannon, super giant stone bullets, and fire bullets to shoot decisive blows into the kingdom of Dragon King.

The game is performed in the first-person perspective, which allows you to aim and sling your catapult at the same time. This feature works especially well for players with experience in similar games such as Angry Birds. Players must not only aim but also determine the force of the shot by calculating the backspin, then touch the screen and pull back the catapult to determine sufficient momentum, and then let the stone fly. Then just wait for the results… There is no limit to stone ammo. You will earn more lives with successful shots and can receive an unlimited number of lives as long as you continue hitting targets. However, especially when there are several fortresses attacking at once, players run a greater risk of losing if they do not carefully calculate how many stones, they will need to destroy all of them.


Catapult King Mod Menu Apk


Features Of Catapult King Mod APK

Fantasy Game

Catapult King iOS is an action game that is based on a well-known fable about rescuing a princess from kidnappers and enormous dragons. The player assumes the role of the Nasty Knight, and his or her goal is to destroy the Dragon Fortress with the deadly stone rifle. The player must complete more than 60 levels, battle many opponents, and teach the bad guys a lesson. As the player completes more levels, he or she will become better at using magic and accuracy with his or her stone rifle.

Characters and rhythm

The speed of the Catapult King Apk’s touch, break, and the entire damaged system appears to be a little faster than Angry Birds. I disagree with this point because a fair stop time is crucial in these types of slingshots. As part of it, I can see the correct sequence of breaking in comparison to what happens in real life; as part of it, I can test the principle of each system in order to improve my shooting approach next time. Because Catapult King Hack Apk is a touch rapid, the stop time is not particularly scientific, and it appears rushed.

Magical Powers

Catapult King Cheats Apk provides players with a unique first-person perspective and challenges new levels. It is a physics-based, puzzle game that allows players to fling a group of cats through the air to destroy castles, balloons, and other structures. Players can use the money they earn from each level to purchase upgrades for their character and power-ups for their shots. The current version of the game includes two magical powers that help you complete the current challenge efficiently. You will also need resources—such as gems and gold—to try using them on your shots, watch awe-inspiring effects, and experience new strengths.


Catapult King Apk Download


Shoot Down Enemies’ Towers

When Catapult King Hacked Version is launched, players will surely feel familiar if they’ve ever played Angry Birds; all you need to do is shoot down all your enemies in a certain number of shots. Other elements will also be different and more challenging, though: you’ll have to shoot rocks from a first-person perspective, so you’ll have to carefully calculate the correct position to take down your enemies. Sometimes some levels make it impossible to pass because you can’t shoot down all in front of you. You’ll have a limit on your shots, allowing you only four different shots; you can change the angle and firing distance of the catapult, however, which means that over time you won’t be able to immediately shoot as it will take time to make sure your shot is accurate. After completing the level, players will get some resources, which can then be used to buy new powerups and bonuses.

Great Destruction

Catapult King Cheats Apk offers outstanding physics-based gameplay and impressive 3D graphics. Your mission is to fight off the dragon’s fire, defeat its towers, and rescue the princess from countless dangers. You will enjoy a classical gaming experience with Catapult King Apk, and you will have fun as you come up with some strategies to beat your opponents. The game also offers great tactical gameplay, and you need to be composed if you want better rock shoots.

Besides, Catapult King Mod Menu introduces many magic spells that you can use in order to quickly get rid of enemies. The game has great graphics mechanics, and it also features many interesting upgrades. In addition, Catapult King’s sound system is quite remarkable; you will have a lot of wonderful experiences while trying to save the princess.

Eye-Catching Graphics

Catapult King Hack’s graphics and animations are superb. With Angry Birds, you see the attack and the receipt of the assault at different angles. With Catapult King Hack Mod Apk, your imagination runs wild as you shoot away, watching the assault on your enemy balloons up close. When you first start shooting rocks in Catapult King Cheat Mod, you’re right down there with a first-person view. Then, zoom out to see a close-up of the breakdown that has occurred. Then switch back to a first-person view to get an idea of the range. The result is spectacular animations that make you feel like you’re really there watching all these events unfold.


Catapult King Cheats Apk


Download Catapult King MOD APK 2022 for Android

Catapult King Mod Apk offers beautiful 3-D graphics and exciting sound effects. It features a realistic crash simulation and an attractive design scene, guaranteeing you an immersive experience. Play it now!

How to Install Catapult King MOD APK on Android?

First, make sure to delete any previous versions of this product on your device. Then, enable the installation of non-Market applications by clicking on Settings, Security, and checking the box marked Unknown Sources. Once you’re ready to download Catapult King Modded APK file for this app, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Download Button given in the article to download Catapult King Cheats Mod Apk.
  • Wait for the download to complete, then open the downloaded file.
  • Tap on the Catapult King Hack Apk file to install it on your android device.
  • Follow all the instructions given inside the installation process.
  • Once you have installed this program, start it up and enjoy its many great features.

How to Install Catapult King MOD APK PC?

Installing Catapult King MOD APK PC is simple. To do so, use either Bluestacks or NOX player. The steps are listed below.

  • First, you will have to download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your computer before downloading any apps.
  • After you have installed the emulator, which is required in order to use this app, you will be able to download the mod APK from our site.
  • After downloading the file, you must execute it or “Import from Windows” for installation purposes.
  • After installation, click the launch button. The program is ready to use.


Catapult King Cheat Apk is a popular game for Android devices. In this game, you play as the king and you must destroy the opposing castles using powerful catapults in order to release your princess! Yes, a dragon kidnaps the princess and transports her to the opposition’s castle, where castle knights also assist the dragon in keeping the princess enslaved. Now it’s time to rise up and free the princess by attacking the opposing castles with stones and fireballs. This well-designed game is small in size but engaging enough to keep you playing for hours.

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How many levels are there in the catapult King Apk?

The game Catapult King features almost 100 levels in which players must destroy numerous constructions by catapulting boulders. Players gain money as a result of destroying constructions, which they can use to improve the performance of the catapult or purchase magic to perform great feats.

Is it free to download catapult King Hack Apk?

The Catapult King iOS for the iPhone can be downloaded free from the App Store. The Android version of the app can be downloaded free from Google Play by searching for ‘Catapult King’ in the search box. You can download the hacked Version Catapult King Apk 2022 from EmiratesAPK.

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