Battle Night Cheat Codes

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Battle Night Cheat Codes is a street-fighting game developed and released by FT Games in September 2020. Set in the cyberpunk world, the game challenges you to walk into the darkness of the night and assemble a team to fight with you. You must lead your team of heroes to beat your opponents in Battle Night Cyberpunk.


Battle Night Cheat Codes


Battle Night Cheat Codes 2022

The game Battle Night Cheats features high-resolution graphics and animation. It has an idle RPG system where you can bet on your own fighting forces while they are fighting. The game has unique rewards that you can get while playing it such as cyberpunk costumes, pet skins, weapons, etc. In this way, you can enjoy it easily playing Battle Night Cyberpunk by using the Battle Night codes mentioned over here.

We offer a list of Redemption codes for Battle Night Cyberpunk. Free clothes, possible reports, crystals, gold, and other in-game goodies can be obtained by redeeming these Battle Night codes. If a code has expired it won’t work.

Battle Night Codes List (New)

Here is a complete list of Battle Night Cheat Codes given below:

  • Gihon8451 – Use this Battle Night Code for free Gold rewards in the game.
  • BNhappy2022 – Redeem this gift code and get free exclusive rewards.
  • ApsuForever – Redeem Battle Night code for diamonds and other Rewards.
  • BNInception1 –Use this Battle. Night Cheat Code and get rewards in the game.
  • Movement316 – Get Diamonds and exceptional Rewards.
  • 20Spring22 – Get 5 x Senior Hire Coin and 500 Diamonds.
  • Boom8745AS – Get Diamonds and other exclusive rewards.
  • BetterBN – Get 5 x Senior Hire Coin and 500 Diamonds.
  • CosmicField – Redeem this code for diamonds and Coins.
  • DaughterSon – Get Diamonds and other rewards.
  • Positive19437 – Redeem this Battle Night gift code for Diamonds.
  • Cyborg19450 – Redeem this Battle Night code for Special rewards.
  • aAMrjRe3FS – Redeem this gift code for diamonds and Coins.

To avoid mistakes, ensure you enter the Battle Night Gift Codes displayed above into the game if it’s not too much trouble. We will update the list as more codes come out.

Please note that we will remove expired Battle Night codes from the above list.

To avoid any gift code error, please make sure that you enter the redemption code in the game as we have displayed in the list we have listed above, including the special characters and letter case (capital & small letters).

How to get New Battle Night Cheat Codes?

Battle Night Promo Codes are released on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. The developers usually publish the codes on special occasions such as milestones, festivals, partnerships, and other events. We will update this page with new redemption codes as they become available. Bookmark this page and check back often.

How to redeem Battle Night Promo Codes?

If you are unsure how to use and redeem codes in Battle Night Cyberpunk, follow these steps:

  • Open Battle Night Cyberpunk on your device or Mobile Phone.
  • Next, you should select the Heart Icon from the Settings menu.
  • Finally, select Battle Night Redeem Codes 2022 from the upper given area.
  • To claim your prize, please enter your prize code and click “OK”.


Battle Night Cyberpunk-Idle RPG is a free-to-play role-playing game (RPG) featuring the classic combination of cyberpunk aesthetics, turn-based combat, and idle gameplay on Google Play Store. However, the game is not available on many mobile devices due to a lack of hardware power on most smartphone and tablet devices; this problem can be resolved by creating an additional layer of “high contrast” images over the original artwork. Taking the existing mobile mechanics and applying the general style of the genre to it is feasible; several games have already done this without much effort.

The fighters in this game are recruited with the help of the BI – martial arts club, and not anything else. In order to get a chance to knock out the fighters, you must have either caps or crystals or Battle Night Cheat Codes. The action takes place in the future, in a bright night neon city with cool fighters, bars, casinos, and many other entertainments. But the main entertainment of the world of the future is turn-based battles in which you control nothing. Through Battle Night Gift Codes, you can win the game easily.

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What is Battle Night Cheat Codes, and how to use them?

Battle Night Coupon or gift codes are other names for contest entry forms. These contest entry forms may be referred to as Battle Night cheat codes by some developers and the redeeming method is given above.

What Are Battle Night Cyber Squad Cheat Codes?

Incentives are bonuses given to players by game developers. These Battle Night Codes are used to obtain rewards from these developers.

From where I can get Battle Night Promo Codes?

Battle Night Reddit and other social media networks such as Battle Night Codes Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are used to distribute Battle Night Gift Codes.

Are Battle Night Promo Codes, Battle Night Coupon Codes, and Battle Night Redeem Codes the same?

Yes, all Battle Night Codes are the same under different names.

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